Terms and Conditions

Below you’ll find Hex technology terms and conditions.  This page is not intended to be a legally binding document in any way.  It is intended for the benefit of those who are interested in our data recovery services – repair and would like to know more about our terms and conditions of such services.  These policies may change from time to time and this page may not always reflect the most current policy.  If you have any specific questions regarding Hex Technology terms and conditions, please contact us at:

By Phone

+973 33217825

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For the purpose of this page the following terminology shall be defined as follows:

The terms “We”, “Us, , “Our”, “Our Company”, “Hex Technology”, and other similar variants shall refer to Hex Technology, RI

The terms “You”, “Your”, “Customer”, “The Customer”, and other similar variants shall refer to the owner of the storage media which is delivered to our company for data recovery services.


Liability Terms & Conditions

Data Liability

All data contained on media delivered to our company is to be considered as “lost” before it’s arrival.  Hex Technology takes no responsibility for data lost as a result of our efforts or lack of efforts.  Our acceptance of the digital storage media and contract to attempt recovery is in no way a guarantee that the data will be successfully recovered.  All data recovery techniques employed by our company are to be considered “experimental”.  Our service shall be considered a last effort toward recovery of the media.

Hardware Liability

Hex Technology takes no responsibility for the well being of digital storage or other hardware that is left in our care.  Our efforts may in some cases lead to degradation of the media, failure of the media, loss of warranty, or other consequences.  We also take no responsibility for media which is lost or damaged during shipping to or from our company, any such claim will need to be filed against the offending parcel carrier.  Hex Technology takes no responsibility for media that is damaged, lost, or destroyed due to theft, fire, natural disaster, or other similar occurrence at our location.

Payment Terms & Conditions


Evaluation of the media is provided at no charge and without obligation to the customer.  Following evaluation customer will generally be provided a quote for recovery.  If the quote is rejected, media will be returned to the customer.

Approved Quotes

If quote is approved by customer and 70% or more of the data (as calculated by the total number of files) is recovered the quoted payment will be immediately due and payable.  This contracted payment amount will be due even if the media should turn out to have not contained the desired data or the data is no longer needed by the customer.  Invoices which are not paid within 30 days will begin to incur additional interest and data storage charges.

Should customer refuse to pay after having approved quote and recovery efforts begin neither the recovered data nor the original media will be returned to customer.  Such media will become property of Hex Technology and may be sold, recycled, disposed of, or otherwise used by Hex Technology at the discretion of it’s members.

Failed Recovery

If less than 70% of the data is recovered (as calculated by the total number of files) customer has the right to reject the recovered data and deem the recovery a “loss”.  In such case, original media will be returned to customer however recovered data will not be provided to customer.

Abandoned Hardware

After media is evaluated or data recovery attempted customer will be contacted with the results via phone, email, or both.  Should customer be unresponsive for more than 90 days the media and the data contained therein shall be considered to be “abandoned”.  Any such “abandoned” media may be disposed or, recycled, sold, or otherwise used at Hex Technology discretion.